Gallery of images from Fairlight / Pett 2013

Here are some images from the 2013 survey of the area; mouse over for details

Mussels etc.
Mixed cover
Fairlight view south
Filamentous algae and diatom chains.
Petricola and Barnea holes in substrate
Ulva lactuca
Ceramium and diatoms
Sand masons, Lanice conchelega
Mixed material
Filamentous algae and diatoms.
Shore searchers.
Chondrus crispus
Large filamentous algae and diatoms.
Filamentous algae
Dictyota dichotoma
Diatom chain
Filamentous alga with diatoms.
More diatoms on filamentous alga.
Filamentous alga with attached diatoms.
Dictyota dichotoma.
Diatoms on filamentous alga
Diatoms on filamentous alga


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