Steam Trawler

The ‘Seam Trawler’ is the mysterious wreck of a 98ft (30m) long by 31ft (9.5m) wide ship which lies broken into two parts on the seabed under 16 m of water. It is situated approximately five miles off Shoreham, 50° 44.79’ N 0° 11.37’ W. It is in reasonable condition with rudder and propeller intact; the bow has toppled onto the starboard side exposing the engine room. The surrounding seabed is of soft sediment and easily disturbed.

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Species Recorded on and around the Steam Trawler

Dysidea fragilis
Amphilectus fucorum
Suberites ficus

Tububularia indivisa
Hydrallmania falcata
Nemertisea antennina

Soft Corals
Alcyonium digitatum
Sea Anemones
Diadumena cincta
Actinothoe sphyrodeta
Corynactis viridis

Nemertean Worms
Micrura fasciolata
Polychaete Worm<s/strong>
Pomatoceros triquetor
Ostrea edulis
Homarus gammarus
Cancer pagurus
Necora puber

Cellipora pumicosa
Horseshoe Worm
Phoronis hippocrepis
Asterias rubens
Sea Squirts
Clavelina lepidiformis
Styela clava

Bony Fish
Gadus morhua
Pollachis pollachius
Trisopterus luscus
Taurus bubalis
Labrus bergylta
Parablennius gattorugine
Pleuronectes platessa

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