Benfield Local Nature Reserve, Brighton & Hove

On 2nd July 2015, a somewhat cloudy and showery day, a trip to Benfield Nature Reserve (see Brighton & Hove nature reserves) to examine the grassland habitats and see why perhaps the glowworms had declined, provided a wonderful scene of flowering plants and insects. The site is cared for by the Benfield Wildlife Group and they have noticed that the glowworms have declined. Why this should be is unclear and may be a result of habitat change, light levels, pesticides, parasites or other reasons (see the Glow Worm Survey site for more information on these insects). Much of the area visited (details to follow) appeared ideal for glowworms.

Although wet and warm, the drizzle stopped and the sun partly came out and with it some insects including butterflies: Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Marbled White, Small Skipper, and Small Tortoiseshell. No blues were seen. A male Meadow Browns found a female, the pair danced and eventually dropped to the ground and mated.

More pictures from this trip to be added.

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