Eggs of Large White Butterfly, Peirie brassicae

As someone who grows their own veg. the very low numbers of Large Whites , aka Cabbage White, butterflies have been a godsend compared with last year when my brassicas were under constant attack if they insects managed, and they did, to penetrate the netting covering the plants.

Of course this year is the year that I wanted to get hold of eggs in order to photograph them and it was not until August that a batch of eggs appeared on my young broccoli plants, the only ones I have seen on my plants. These appeared at an inconvenient time as I was going away so they were popped in the 'fridge and forgotten about. On finding them ten days later they had begun to hatch. This presented a good opportunity to photograph the hatching caterpillars. Then in early September a fellow allotment holder presented me with a batch of eggs which I was able to photograph before they hatched. The results of these two batches are given below.

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