Bexhill Beach 1

Bexhill beach lies (below the bandstand/shelter east of Bexhill sailing club on De La Warr Parade at map reference TQ745070; 50° 50.10'N 0° 27.76'E) within the Beachy Head East Recommended Marine Conservation Zone (see Wildlife Trusts, DEFRA, Natural England)  and links with sites to the east as far as Fairlight/Pett. The shore consists of beach and storm beach deposits or shingle/sand, with underlying rocks of the Tunbridge Wells Sand Formation (see geology/fossils). This later formation exposes as a shore platform and consists sand, silt and mudstones (largely clay) of the Lower Cretaceous. A series of wooden groynes are present to manage longshore drift of the shingle. The beach is very exposed hence the abundance of Fucus vesiculosus var. linearis.and the general lack of other species or present in only limited amounts.

ALGAE - Seaweeds
Chondrus crispus
Fucus vesiculosus var. liiearis
Fucus serratus
Corallina officinalis
Ulva prolifera
Ulva lactuca
Cladophora rupestris

CNIDARIA - Sea Anemones, Seafirs
Actinia equina
Sagartia troglodytes
Plumularia setacea
Obelia geniculata
Dynamena pumila

Phyllodoce maculata
Lanice concheliga
Arenicola marina
Eulalia viridis

MOLLUSCA - Snails, limpets, chitons, clams, seaslugs
Patella vulgata
Nuccella lapillus
Littorina littoralis
Littorina saxatilis
Gibbula cinerea
Gibbula umbilicalis
Pholas dactylus
Barnea parva
Mactra stultorum
Ostrea edulis
Mytilus edulis
Aeolidia papillosa

CRUSTACEA - Crabs, shrimps, prawns
Ausmodestus (elminius) modestus
Semibalanus balanoides
Carcinus maenas
Cancer pagurus
Pagurus bernhardus
Porcellana playtycheles
Pisidia longicornis

PYCNOGONIDA - Seaspiders
Anoplodactylus sp

BRYOZOA - Seamats
Conopeum reticulum
Membranipora membranacea
Alcyonidium diaphanum

ECHINODERMATA - Starfish, urchins
Amphipholis squamata
Psamechinus milliaris

TUNICATA - Seasquirts
Molgula manhatenensis
Ascdiella aspera

PISCES - fish
Lipophrys pholis
Ciliata mustela

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