Cuckmere Haven, Sussex, Seven Sisters Country Park.

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The shore to the East of Cuckmere Haven extends as a chalk wave-cut platform to Eastbourne where it is replaced by Greensand. Extensive gullies dissect the shore, and are often hidden by overlying wrack making it dangerous and difficult to traverse. The top of the shore is made of graded shingle that travels with longshore-drift from W to E. Cliff erosion is marked by rock falls making boulder fields at the top of the wave-cut platform and these can extend further down the shore. Extensive areas are covered by silt bound to the tops and sides of the gullies by the red alga, Rhodothamniella floridula. Kelps occur sublittorally and at the sublittoral fringe of the lower shore.

Some images from a Shoresearch session on 24th July 2017:

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