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This is an eclectic collection of blogs devoted to the interests of Gerald Legg covering scientific and other publications, microscopy, photography, arachnids, UK marine life and diving, and current research. The natural world and how things work have always fascinated me (as soon as I could crawl) and I consider myself both a professional and amateur naturalist – career and hobbies merge.

Although having an interest in all natural sciences from geology to marine biology as a photographer I specialise in the macro and micro worlds.

Areas covered include:

  • Natural Art: the spectral colours, patterns and designs of Nature.
  • The Animal World: whole animals including microscopic and macroscopic studies.
  • The Plant World: whole plants including microscopic, macroscopic and life studies.

Micrometeorites on the eye of a needle.
  • Animal Behaviour.
  • Scenery, Habitats and Ecology: saltmarsh, seashore, grassland, rock face, forest etc.
  • The Geological World: geomorphology, rocks, minerals, building stones.
  • The Physical World: printed circuits, delicate mechanisms, water droplets.
  • The Chemical World: the beauty and forms of crystals.
  • Images can be supplied or commissioned, subject material supplied by the enquirer. Images are sold under the name of NaturaImaging.
  • Publications
    As a scientist and naturalist I have published and continue to publish papers, reviews and letters. Arachnology is the main theme of the titles. In addition I have edited, designed and facilitated the production of a number of books as part of my past position as Keeper of Natural Sciences at the Booth Museum of Natural History Brighton.
    In addition I have written and acted as a consultant for a number of childrens’ books largely associated with Natural History.

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