Selsey East Beach to E and W of far slip

It is important to realise that this is an ACTIVE BOATING AREA and due regard and respect to the users must be considered. KEEP CLEAR OF THE BOAT LANE, CLEARLY MARKED BY BOUYS. Deploy and SMB at all times and look/listen for boat traffic. You wont be very popular with the fishermen if you don't respect this area.

The area lies to the West of the slip at the end of the large car park, between breakwaters 18 and 20 to E of Selsey Life Boat Station; includes the remains of a car, between:  50°44'2.55"N  0°46'15.75"W and 50°44'0.44"N 0°46'17.69"W The sublittoral and littoral fringe of this beach is dominated by mixed algae growing on cobbles and pebbles with patches of sand/sandy-mud. Clumps of sea-oak, Halidrys siliqua, and bootlace weed, Chorda filum, punctuate the scene. The remains of a burnt-out vehicle is richly encrusted with weeds, sponges and squirts. Sea-horses, Hippocampus hippocampus, have been found here and are probably present throughout the area but difficult to find owing to their amazing camouflage. Occasional slipper-limpets, Crepidula fornicata, occur as do oyster. Juvenile fish abound at certain times of the year.

The area has also been examined during Shoresearch surveys. The breakwaters are richly covered in algal and animal turf, also seen in the sublittoral.

Another gallery, including the wrecked car

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