Chelifer cancroides, House Chelifer

Chelifer cancroides, House Chelifer
The cephalothorax is dark red to olive-brown, the opisthosomal tergites pale brown, olive-green with dark spots and the pedipalps reddish to tawny brown, tinged with olive; length of body: 2.6–4.5 mm.
Throughout most of Europe. It is doubtful whether this is an indigenous species in Britain, but has been established here for a long time, records coming from around London, the south-east, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Aberdeen and Carlisle. Chelifer cancroides usually synanthropic being found in stables, barns, grain-stores, flour-mills, factories and houses. In 1981/82 specimens of Larca lata found in nest material within rotting oaks in Windsor Great Park were misidentified as Chelifer cancroides.
For further information see Mark Harvey, Pseudoscorpions of the World.

Dry mounted Chelifer cancroides
Dry mounted Chelifer cancroides.
Chelifer cancroides
Chelifer cancroides
Chelifer cancroides
Chelifer cancroides, French specimen.

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