Roncocreagris cambridgei, Cambridge’s Two-eye Neobisiid

Roncocreagris cambridgei, Cambridge's Two-eye Neobisiid
Colour: Cephalothorax reddish-brown tinged with olive; opisthosomal tergites olive-cream, and the; pedipalps reddish-brown; length of body: 2.5–3.0 mm.
Europe: Atlantic margin of Spain (including S. Andalusia), Portugal, N. and W. France, and S. England. In Britain this species has a distinctly westerly distribution, from NW. Scotland to Cornwall along to Hampshire. There are records also from SW. and Northern Ireland. It favours deciduous tree litter and grass, but can also be found beneath stones on the coast and some distance inland.
Mark Harvey, Pseudoscorpions of the World.

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UK & Ireland Distribution Map

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