The Pound

At Holywell, the western side of Eastbourne, the under-cliff walk ceases and the chalk cliffs begin.Adjacent to the beach s an area of approximately 5 hectares forming The Pound, grid reference: TV603970, a lagoon at low water bounded to the south by a shallow sandstone reef. Numerous shallow rockpools area also present, all rich in marine life. Initially the splash zone extends up the cliffs at the base of which are boulders laying on shingle. Shingle extends a short distance down the shore merging into sand and exposed bedrock that is at first scoured with little life. The wave-cut platform then extends down the shore with shallow gullies and leads to rock pools and the Pound itself. Algae encrusted cobbles, shingle and sand occur in the Pound. At its southern boundary the sand stone reef rises and extends for a few tens op metres marking the lowest margin of the shore.

Algae, Seaweeds
Pylaiella littoralis Feathery brown
Fucus vesiculosus Bladder wrack
Fucus serratus
Serrated Wrack
Laminaria digitata
Oar Weed
Laminaria hyperborea 
Forest kelp
Saccharina latissima
Sugar Kelp
Sargassum muticum

Green string lettuce -
Ulva prolifera

Ulva lactuca Sea lettuce

Cladophora rupestris Common green-branch weed
Porphyra umbilicalis
Purple Laver
Palmaria palmata Dulse
Rhodothamniella floridula
Sand Binder
Corallina officinalis
Common coral weed - calcareous red algae
Ceramium sp.
Pincer Weed
Corallinacea crust
Pink Paint Weeds
Jania rubens
Slender-beaded coral weed
Plocanium cartilagineum
Cock's Comb
Chondrus crispus
Irish Moss
Calliblepharis ciliata
Red Fringed Weed
Vertebrata nigra
Siphon Weeds
Dilsea carnosa
Red Rags
Himanthalia elongata
Thong Weed
Striaria attenuata
a thin branched brown alga

Cnidaria: Sea Anemones, Seafirs
Actinia equina
Beadlet anemone
Actinia fragracea
Strawberry anemone
Anemonia viridis
Snakelocks anemone
Sagartia trogoldytes
Mud sagartia
Obelia geniculata
A Seafir
Dynamena pumilla
A Seafir
Kirchenpauaeria pinnata
A Seafir
Porifera: Sponges

Halichondria bowerbankia A Sponge
Halichondria panicea Breadcrumb Sponge
Microciona species
A Sponge
Hymeniacidon perleve
A Sponge
Nemertea: Nemertean worms
Lineus longissimus Bootlace worm
Anelida: Polychaeta: Segmented worms

Serpulidae sp.A polychaete tubeworm
Polydora ciliata
Tube worm in chalk
Sabellaria spinulosa
Tube worm
Pomatoceros lamrarki 
Keel Worm
Arenicola marina
Blow lug
Lanice conchilega
Sand mason
spirobis rupestris
A tube worm (clockwise spiral)
Spirobis borealis
A tube worm (clockwise spiral)
Janua pagenstcheri
A tube worm (anticlockwise spiral)
Mollusca: Clams, snails, limpets etc

Anomia ephippium Saddle oyster
Patella vulgata
Common limpet
Patella depressa
Small limpet
Gibbula cineraria
Grey top shell
Gibbula umbilicalis
Flat top shell
Littorina littorea
Common periwinkle
Littorina obtusata
Flat periwinkle
Littorina saxatilis
Rough periwinkle
Melarhaphe neritoides 
Small periwinkle
Lepidochitona cinereus
A Chiton
Crepidula fornicata
 Slipper limpet
Nucella lapillus
Dog whelk
Mytilus edulis
Blue mussel
Hiatella arctic
Wrinkled rock-borer
Pholas dactylus
Cerastoderma edule
Edible cockle
Buccinum undulatum
Lepidochitona cinerea Coat of mail shell
Crustacea: Crabs, shrimps, barnacles etc.

Austrominius modestus Astralian  Barnacle
Semibalanus balanoides
Acorn barnacle
Dynamene bidentata
An Isopod
Idotea granulosa
An Isopod
Palaemon elegans
Rockpool prawn
Crangon crangon
Common shrimp
Porcellana platycheles
Broad-clawed Porcelain crab
Pisidia longicornis
Long-clawed porcelain crab
Carcinus maenas
Shore crab
Maja brachydactyla
Spiney spider crab
Idotea sp.
Isopod - elongated and flattened
Cancer pagurus
Edible crab
Pomatoceros lamarcki
Shore keeled worm
Pagarus bernhardus
Hermit crab
Jassa falcata, amphipod (and tubes)
Bryozoa: Seamats

Alcyonidium gelatinosum A Sea mat
Alcyaonidium diaphanum A Sea mat
Electra pilosa A Sea mat
Flustrellidra hispida Sea mat
Membranipora membranacea
Sea mat
Cryptosula pallasiana
A brown encrusting bryozoan
Echinodermata: Starfish, brittlestars, urchins
Amphipholis squamata Shore brittlestar
Asterias rubens
Common starfish
Tunicata: Seasquirts

Botrylus schlosseri A Sea squirt
Ascidia mentula
A Sea squirt
Pisces: Fish
Crenolabrus melops Corkwing wrasse
Pomatoschistus minutus Sand goby

Liphophrys pholis Shanny
Parablennius gattorugine
Tompot blenny
Pholis gunnellus
Taurulus bubalis
Sea scorpion
Ammodytes lancea Lesser Sandeel

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