Aldwick Beach – Bognor Rocks

The foreshore consists of shingle, sand and exposures of the Aldwick Beds (London Clay, Division B; details can be found in the JNCC publication on the site) outcrops of silty muds and sands rich in fossils (see here), and the Sussex Biodiversity Partnership).

From low water boulders, consisting of fossil-rich calcareous sandstone are accessible extending off-shore asoutcrops of Bognor Rock forming reefs. These consist of calcareous sandstone in the London Clay and are fossil rich (see here).
for the shallow sublittoral adjacent to the littoral see Bognor Rocks)

The boulders provide oases for marine life that find the rocks ideal places to live. Some live on the exposed tops of the rocks, other on the sides and beneath the overhangs. Beneath lumps of rock and clay animals can hide away. Shallow pools form moats around the boulders and provide refuges for fish and other life when the tide goes out.

Species list for this site include the following. Those found :by the Haslmere Natural History Society are marked ... *

Porifera, sponges
Halichondria panacea Breadcrumb sponge *
Amphilectus fucorumfucorum Shredded carrot sponge *
Dysidea fragilis Sponge
Cnidaria - anemones, hydroids etc
Actinia equina Beadlet anemone *
Anemonia viridis Snakelocks anemone
Dynamena pumila Hydroid *
Electra pilosa Hydroid *
Obelia geniculata Hydroid
Annelida - worms
Arenicola marina Lug worm *
Eulalia viridis Green leaf worm
Lanice conchilega Sand mason worm
Polydora ciliata tube worm *
Sabellaria alveolata Ross worm
Spirobranchus triqueter Keel worm *
Mollusca, clams, snails, limpets, sea-slugs etc
Littorina saxatilis Rough periwinkle *
Nassarius reticulatus Netted dog whelk *
Nucella lapillus Dog whelk *
Patella sp. Common limpet *
Rissoa parva Small sea snail
Calliostoma zizyphinum Painted topshell *
Gibbula cineraria Grey top shell *
Ocenebra erincea Sting winkle *
Lepidochitona cinereus a Chiton
Achanthochitona crinitus a Chiton
Nudibranch eggs
Crustaceans, crabs, hoppers, shrimps, prawns, barnacles etc
Carcinus maenas Green shore crab *
Portunmus latipes
Pillumnus hirtellus Hairy crab *
Corystes cassevelaunus Masked crab *
Crangon crangon Brown shrimp
Galathea squamifera Squat lobster
Liocarcinus latipes Swimming crab *
Maja brachydactyla Spiny spider crab *
Necora puber Velvet swimming crab
Pagurus bernhardus Common hermit crab *
Palaemon serratus Common prawn *
Palaemon elegans Shore prawn *
Pisidia longicornis Long-clawed porcelain crab
Austrominius modestus Darwin's Barnacle *
Semibalanus balanoides Common acorn barnacle *
Amphipod species hoppers *
Pycnogonida, sea spiders
Nymphon rubrum

Bryozoa - seamats
Membranipora membranacea *
Electra pilosa
Flustrellidra hispida
Sea mat on serrated wrack *
Echinoderms starfish, urchins, brittlestars
Amphipholis squamata
Shore Brittle star
Tunicates, sea squirts
Botrylloides leachii
a star ascidian *
Clavellina lepadiforme
Lightbulb squirt
Ascidiella aspersa
Sea squirt
Ascidiella scabra
Sea squirt
Ciona intestinalis
Sea squirt
Dendrodoa grossularia
Baked bean sea squirt
Molgula manhattensis
Sea squirt *
Molgula citrina
Sea squirt
Morchellium argus
Colonial sea squirt
Lipophrys pholis
Shanny *
Gobius minutus
Common goby
Alage - seaweeds
Ulva prolifera
a gut weed *
Ulva lactuca
Sea lettuce *
Cladophora rupestris
Green branched weed *
Chaetomorpha melagonium
Glaucous brick weed
sp. Mossy feather weed *
Dictyota dichotoma Brown fan weed Asperococcus fistulosus Sausage weed
Fucus vesiculosus Bladder wrack *
Fucus serratus Serrated wrack *
Bifurcariabifircata? Brown tuning fork weed *
Laminaria digitata Oar weed *
Sacchoriza latissima Sugar kelp *
Chorda filum Mermaid's tresses *
Cystoceria sp. Bushy wrack
Halidrys siliquosa Sea oak *
Pylaiella littoralis Pylaie's brown filaments
Elachista fucicola Tiny wrack bush - on serrated wrack *
Chondrus crispus Irish moss *
Encrusting red *
Encrusting pink
sp. fork weeds
Dilsea carnosa
Red rags
Plocamium cartilagineum
Cartilaginous cock's comb *
Callibleparis ciliata
Eyelash weed *
Corallina officinalis
Coral weed *
Hilderbrandia sp.
Hilderbrand's red week
Osmundea pinnatifida
Flat fern weed *
Rhdothamniella f
loridula Sand binder *