Scientific Publications and Others


As a scientist I have published a number of papers, reviews and letters and continue to do so. Arachnology is the main theme of the titles. Many of these are available upon request in pdf format. The list is periodically updated.

Legg, G. 1971. The Comparative and Functional morphology of the genitalia of the British pseudoscorpiones. Ph. D. Thesis, Univ. of Manchester.
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Legg, G. 1974c. A generalised account of the male genitalia and associated glands of pseudoscorpion (Aradnida). Bull. Brit. arachnol. Soc. 3(3), 66-74.
Legg, G. 1974d. The genitalia and accessory glands of the pseudoscorpion Cheiridium museorum (Cheiridiidae). J. zool. Lond. 175, 323-339.
Legg, G. 1975a. The genitalia and associated glands of five British species belonging to the family Chthonidae (Arachnida). J. zool. Lond. 177, 99-121.
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Legg, G. 1978 A note on the diversity of world Lepidoptera (Rhopalocera). Biol.. J. Linn. Soc. London 10, 343-347
Legg, G. 1978 Un-natural History of an English County. Booth Museum of Natural History, Brighton.
Legg, G. in Green, Sally, T.L. & Heslop Harrison, 1979. Seasonal heterophylly and leaf gland features in Triphyophyllum (Dioncophyllaceae), a new carnivorous plant genus. Bot. J. Lin Soc 78, 99-116 [carried out work on the insects caught by the plant]
Legg, G. 1981a Book review: Nature in Downland, Futura Edition, W.H. Hudson in Sussex Trust for Nat. Cons. Bull, Summer 1981
Legg, G. 1981b Book review: Provisional atlas of the Arachnida of the British Isles: Part 1 Pseudoscorpiones, P.E. Jones 1980, in J. Nat. Hist.
Legg, G. 1982a Monograph of Arthur Hall’s Nymphalidae of the World. fiche: 53 volumes
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Legg, G. 1983a Delusory parasitosis. Newls. Biological Curators Group 3(5), 240-244
Legg, G. 1983b Review: Chemicals in Conservation, Clydesdale, A. in Museums Journal 83(1), 101
Legg, G. 1983c Book review: British Red Data Book No 1, Vascular Plants, in Mueums Journal 83 (2/3) Sep-Dec 1983, 174-145
Legg, G. 1983d Tropical Forests in Sierra Leone, Ecology, Conservation and Management Aspects. Sierra Leone Studies, Birmingham, Mitchel, P.E. & Jones A. editors; Third Birmingham Sierra Leone Studies Symposium 13-17 July 1983, 126-131.
Legg, G. 1984 Book review: The Moths & Butterflies of Great Britain & Ireland 10. Nocutidae (Part II) and Agaristidae. Museums Journal, June 1984
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Legg, G. 2008 A short note: A simple method to increase the depth of field in a stereo microscope. Queckett Journal of Microscopy 40, 769-771
Legg, G. 2008 Short note: A simple method to increase depth of field in a stereo microscope. Queckett Journal of Microscopy, 40, 769-771
Legg, G. 2009 Taxonomy and the dangers of sex with special reference to pseudoscorpions. Advances in Arachnology and Developmental Biology. Papers dedicated to Prof. Dr. Božidar Ćurčić. S. E. Makarov & R. N. Dimitrijević (Eds.) 2008. Inst. Zool., Belgrade; BAS, Sofia; Fac. Life Sci., Vienna; SASA, Belgrade & UNESCO MAB Serbia. Monographs, 12, 247-257
Legg, G. 2015 Dendrochernes cyrneus (L. Koch, 1873) (Pseudoscorpiones, Chernetidae) phoretic on Ephialtes manifestator (Lin., 1758)(Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Pimplinae). Newsl. Br. arachnol. Soc. 132, 5-7
Legg, G. 2015 Pseudoscorpions Need You. Newsl. Br. arachnol. Soc. 132, 14-15
Bowes, O.M.B., Legg, G.,  Haines, R. and  Vardy, S.J. 2015 Tick infestation of the upper eyelid. Can. J. Ophthalmol. 50:e39–e40;  Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Legg, G. 2016 Macrophotography of Bryozoa and some unusual fluorescence. Bull. Queckett Mic. Club 70, 5-7
Legg, G. 2016 Peudoscorpions in Cyprus: at a light trap and nocturnal activities. Online in Ecologica Montenegrina.
Legg, G. with Farr-Cox F. 2016 Illustrated key to the British False Scorpions (Pseudoscorpions). AIDGAP, Field Studies Council
Legg, G. 2019 Changes in the British pseudoscorpion fauna over the last 50 years. Arachnology 18(3), 189–195
Legg, G. 2020 Weathered roman glass. Bulletin of the Quekett Microscopical Club 78,
Legg, G. 2021 Notes on the dermal denticles of the catshark (aka dogfish), Scliorhinus canicula (Linnaeus, 1758). Bulletin of the Qeukett Microscopical Club 80, 35-39

NewScientist, Letters and Last Word, a number of continuing contributions.

Books edited, put together or designed
Sussex Plant Atlas, Hall, P.C., 1980, Booth Museum of Natural History/Brighton Borough Council ISBN 0-9052372-6-4
Sussex Plant Atlas Supplement, Briggs, M., 1990, Booth Museum of Natural History/Brighton Borough Council ISBN 0-948733-14-9
History of Sussex Butterflies and Moths, Pratt, C.R., Booth Museum of Natural History/Brighton & Hove Council ISBN
Atlas of Sussex Mosses, Lichens Liverworts, Rose, F., Stern, R.C. & Copp, D.J., 1991Booth Museum of Natural History/Brighton Borough Council ISBN 0-948723-15-7
History of Sussex Plants, Smith, U. and Howard, E., 1997, Booth Museum of Natural History/Brighton Borough Council ISBN 0-948723-33-5
Habitats & Vegetation of Sussex, Rose, F., 1995, Booth Museum of Natural History/Brighton Borough Council ISBN 0-948723-24-6
A Revised History of the Butterflies and Moths of Sussex, on Compact Disc, Colin R. Pratt FRES 1999; 2917pp, maps, plates, figures, graphs Booth Museum of Natural History/Brighton & Hove Council

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