Chernes cimicoides, Common Tree-chernes

Chernes cimicoides, Common Tree-chernes
The cephalothorax is red olive-brown, the opisthosoma dark yellow-brown and the pedipalps reddish tawny-brown; length of body: 2.2–2.7 mm.
This species is found throughout most of Europe: Ireland, England, France, Germany, to Bulgaria and Hungary. In Britain it is widespread throughout England, as far north as York and into mid-Wales. Chernes cimicoides can be found under the bark of dry, dead and over-mature trees, particularly oak, beech, elm and willow. In ancient woodland it sometimes occurs with Dendrochernes cyrneus.
Further information see Mark Harvey, Pseudoscorpions of the World.

Cheernes cimicoides

Dry mounted Chernes cimicoides

Chernes cimicoides, gravid

Chernes cimicoides, gravid female

Chernes cimicoides

Chernes cimicoides, Bill Heeney

Chernes cimicoides in silken chamber

Female Chernes cimicoides with attached egg mass inside her silken chamber attached to the underside of oak tree bark.

United Kingdom Distribution Map

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