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Some pictures taken in Feb 2007 testing the Olympus E400 with its own lens, my Vivitar 1:1 zoom and Novoflex 400mm. The flash shots with the Vivitar involved using a 3/4 ins. Perspex rod as a light-guide to get the flash directed at the subject (held on with string and tape! Now making an improved model) to maintain TTL. Non E400 lens attached using simple 4 thirds / OM adaptor obtained off ebay.

More recent ones using a triple stalked light guide can be found here


Clickon a thumbnail image to get a larger image. Larger images for use through payment can be obtained from Gerald Legg.

UK 20 pence piece
mm scale on metal rule scale
Cactus spines
Melon seeds in cut melon
UK pound coin
Hologram and text on UK five pound
Alder catkin
Alder bud
Florets of a composite
Credit card hologram
Danger of death
Dew covered feathers
Hibscus floral structure
High voltage insulator
Stinging nettle stings and wild rose thorn
Hare's Tail Grass, Lagurus ovata Brighton waster ground May 2007
Rabbits sun worshiping and feeding as sun sets, Newtimber, Sussex May 2007
Young beech leaves in early May 2007, Novoflex600
Sunset from Newtimber, Novoflex600 (odd cloud is remnants of con-trail
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