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Welcome to the World of Chelifer

An Eclectic collection of pages devoted to the interests of Gerald Legg covering scientific publications, natural history children's books, arachnids , bees and Brighton & Lewes Beekeepers, and current research including pseudoscorpions, marine life and other interests.

In addition pages are added on various topics as time goes by ...

Amber - fossil insects
Huricane WWII ex Battle of Britain, flight clock. FOR SALE. Serviced recently.
Some chalk fossils
Mollusc radulae, microscopy

Dogfish Scales, microscopy
Widewater Lagoon, Sussex, UK

In addition, as a photographer specialising in the macro and micro worlds, as well also general natural history, photographs for downloading and for sale are available from NaturaImaging. The range of images available include:

  • Natural Art: the spectral colours, patterns and designs of Nature.
  • The Animal World: whole animals including microscopic and macroscopic studies.
  • The Plant World: whole plants including microscopic, macroscopic and life studies.
  • Animal Behaviour.
  • Habitats and Ecology: saltmarsh, seashore, grassland, rock face, forest etc.
  • The Geological World: geomorphology, rocks, minerals, building stones.
  • Scenery.
  • The Physical World: printed circuits, delicate mechanisms, water droplets.
  • The Chemical World: the beauty and forms of crystals.
  • In addition photographs can be commissioned. Subject material supplied by enquirer or NaturaImaging.

Image of the months cuttlefish taken at night off Brighton Marina (Fugichrome, Nikonos V with closeup attachment).

Lunar Eclipse 3rd March 2007 see selection of images using Olympus E400 and Novoflex lens

More MARINE – A befriended site: Newhaven Harbour Arm. see the wonderful life to be found here and maybe explore it yourself and feedback discoveries made.

More images: - using Olympus E400
Having used OM2n's for years and still a fan as far as film is concerned - ideal for my scientific and natural history photography, I am now also using an E400. Having loads of expensive lenses for the OM's, I obtained a simple OM / Olympus 4 thirds adaptor from ebay in order to use the OM lenses. The series of images taken show what can be achieved without a lot of work. The only difficulty is in using the lenses at high f numbers as the adaptor closes the lens and so makes it difficult to see the subject in low light as the lens is shut down. Opening the lens, focusing then shutting it down to f22 at the moment of firing the E400 works. The E400 was set at ISO 100, the pop-up flash set to on and the main setting set to Aperture priority. Still playing with the flash light guide setup which also works with a microscope if the camera is mounted, using the ebay adaptor, to one side on a trinoculular head. The light-guide was bent using heat to point the flash at the object. No images using this are given here yet but will be later.

Any one interested in seeing the light-guide system let me know.

Scientific Publications

As a scientist I published a number of papers, reviews and letters and continue to do so. Arachnology is the main theme of the titles. In addition I have edited, designed and facilitated the production of a number of books as part of my position at the Booth Museum of Natural History Brighton.

Childrens Books

For over twelve years I have written and acted as a consultant for a number of childrens books largely associated with Natural History.

Brighton and Lewes Beekeepers

The Brighton & Lewes Division of the Sussex Beekeepers Association is open to all. There are 12 meetings each year of which half are out-doors, visiting various apiaries, and half are indoor meetings with talks, discussion and plenty of tea, coffee and good company.

NaturaImaging - Images for sale

NaturaImaging offers a wide range of images taken from both the natural world and that created by people. We specialise in micro and macro studies.

A Modern Review of the History of the Stag Beetle Lucanus cervus Linnaeus (Coleoptera: Lucanidae) in Great Britain. a Special Publication.


Pseudoscorpions in Britain

Sussex Marine Life

Visit the Sussex Marine life pages. You can send Sussex Marine information for collation to: [email protected] and see Newhaven Harbour Arm above.

A Whip Spider in Sussex

Look at the whip spider, Amblypygid, found in Brighton, Sussex, UK.

Sussex Whale Skull

See the whale skull dredged up off Brighton in September. It is from a Fin Whale and is now on display at the Booth Museum of Natural History, Brighton, BN1 5AA UK. Any comments on this please send to: [email protected]

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